Fringefeed | 19 Jan 2019


What a cracking show! Dane Simpson and Matt Ford have distinctive styles and a touch of the Holy Grail in comedy: chemistry.

Dane Simpson mines his family for LOLs in a way that has the audience cheering their quirks and unlikely triumphs.

Matt Ford shows glimpses of heart through mostly dry delivery of dating fails and deeper dilemmas.

Both performers claim ‘odd one out’ status in their families, enough to establish the comic perspective.

But there is no distancing from their Aboriginal heritage.

Actually, there is no distancing from anyone.

They are relatable and likeable to a mixed crowd, which is the clever key to the whole thing.

Pride in culture, bridges in every direction.

They each deliver a hilarious solo set before joining forces for one of the silliest and most amusing finales going.

The audience left uplifted, still laughing and queuing to shake the hands of two definite emerging stars in Australian comedy.

Aborigi-LOL? Aborigi-PMPLMAO!

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Paul McLeod

Paul McLeod studied literature and drama, and was a musician and actor, before he got sucked into a vortex of corporate communications and risk management that lasted 25 years. He has co-organised a couple of small music festivals, and recently won an award for world's worst band manager. Look out Fringe World, here he comes (creeping)!

Ticket Price $20.50 - $29

End Date 24 Jan 2020

  • Ticket Price $20.50 - $29
  • End Date 24 Jan 2020
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