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Aaaaaaaargh! It’s The Best Of UK Fringe Comedy

Aaaaaaaargh!! It’s The Best Of UK Fringe Comedy is entirely a misnomer. Out of three performers only one was from the UK and that was only the first disappointment of the evening.

The first comedian was the funniest of the three with a routine centred largely (no pun intended) around his morbid obesity followed by a discussion on dick pics and its female equivalent which evoked chortles from some of the audience, while invoking others to walk out of the show.

The second comedian, a very loud American, said she had moved to the UK and learnt irony. Ironically, she hadn’t.

The few laughs she elicited were derivative of Rodney Rude’s routines but without his subtlety.

The third comedian, a Glaswegian, mumbled his way through the first half of his set and seemed as drunk as he said he was, or was playing the part pretty well.

Jokes about Perth having a warmer climate in winter than its namesake in Scotland in the summer were neither new nor revelatory.

Jokes you hear from your Dad aren’t worthy of a paid show.

The show was loosely held together by the compere, a Londoner who spent most of his banter bonding with other Londoners in the audience.

His stories were longwinded, filled with tedious cultural comparisons (a chav is like a bogan or a redneck) and the punchlines not worth the wait.

The best thing about the Fringe Festival is that every show can be a surprise.

After reviewing six excellent, extremely entertaining shows I have been lucky that this is the first less than stellar performance.

The Best of UK presents a different line up for each show, so let’s hope the rest of the routines resonate better with the audience than this one did.

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Linda Smith

Linda Smith is a professional writer, marketing and event officer, and published author of The Santa Files, The Elves Go East and Teaching Skills for Ball Games. She is a fan of the theatre and is always on the lookout for new and interesting shows and entertainment.

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  • Ticket Price 20 - 25
  • End Date 08 Feb 2020
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