Fringefeed | 30 Jan 2019

A Very Good Variety Show

The title of the show may be simple, but when you have Jesse Gordon involved you know the show is going to be fantastic.

This nine-piece band is an initiative by Perth locals to form the Perth Cabaret Collective.

This is their first show for the Fringe Festival 2019 and judging by the reaction of the audience they will be putting on a lot more shows in the future.

With a format of vocalists Mark Turner and Mia Matthison and of course the great Jesse Gordon singing solos or in duets, mix this up with a drag queen named Cougar in between and a bit of light comedy, this is a winning combination.

The variety of songs covered a spectrum from jazzy to romantic to even a blues melody.

Even a dance sequence is thrown in this jam-packed variety hour that has something for everyone to appreciate.

With a bit of mild burlesque from a performer named Lovegarden you can’t go wrong with this format.

This group already seems to have a strong following judging by the number of audience members who had seen other shows from this collective. And now they have increased their number of followers.

A light-hearted moment occurs when an assistant has to come on stage and pick up all the loose feathers that fell off Lovegarden.

The pace of the show alternated between fast songs to slower numbers so that the audience can let it all sink in.

It is so rare to have a large orchestra perform in Perth nowadays, this show is definitely worth seeing.

Even if the orchestra just performed themselves as a separate show then they were worth seeing but with the addition of special guest singers this has to be one of those shows that belong in the top group of must see shows.

The final song had the audience cheering throughout the whole time.

This is a testimony to the inspiration this show gave to the audience through the power of great performers doing a very good variety show.

I’m sure they will be putting on additional shows through demand.

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Ticket Price $15 - $25

End Date 31 Jan 2019

  • Ticket Price $15 - $25
  • End Date 31 Jan 2019
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Saw this show and it was fantastic. Been fans of the PCC for some time and they just got even better

Reviewed by carolyn 2019