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A Swingin’ Gatsby Jazz Club with Cathrine Summers

The 20s are back, and I for one am fully in favour of a return to the music and fashion of the last lot! If you too are a fan of that decade of flapper dresses and catchy tunes – or you’re just looking for a great night out – get yourself a ticket to A Swingin’ Gatsby Jazz Club asap.

At the world premiere last night, Perth-based performer Cathrine Summers charmed the room with her warmth and candour.

With sequins, feathers and pearls galore alongside Summers’ sultry singing, we were whisked away to a cabaret or jazz club of old.

Summers and her four-piece band (clarinet/sax, keys, double bass and drums) moved with ease between jazz standards from the likes of Cole Porter and Louis Prima to reworkings of contemporary favourites. Songs by Bowie, Beyonce and many more recent chart-topping artists received her musical makeover. Proving herself a versatile vocalist, she even delivered a rendition of an Édith Piaf classic with pretty solid French pronunciation.

The show was thoughtfully planned, with a diverse array of talented performers involved. We were well-entertained over more than two hours with a varied programme featuring several appearances from a quartet of showgirls plus a few surprising special guests who had everyone gasping, cheering and craning their necks to not miss a moment. There was even a little bit of audience participation here and there.

All this was interspersed with dashes of comedic commentary and genuine passion for the genres from Summers. You can tell she’s there to have a good time and make sure every single attendee does too.

A Swingin’ Gatsby Jazz Club with Cathrine Summers is a perfect FRINGE WORLD show choice for jazz faithfuls and fans of Postmodern Jukebox-style vintage remixes alike. Expect an entertaining night of Gatsby-esque glitz and glam.

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Chelsea is a marketing and communications professional with a love of language and passion for Perth life. She has worked and volunteered in the education, arts and not-for-profit spheres. When she’s not wrangling words and spotting stray apostrophes, she loves attending arts events and exploring Perth’s hidden gems.

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Catherine and co. put on a fantastic performance! Catherine was born to be an entertainer, with a breathtaking voice and a fun and disarming personality to match!

Reviewed by Charlotte Hastings 2020

Fun evening...cabaret seating with more than a birds eye view.
Summers very entertaining and would recommend for a night out.
Tip...dress to impress ! You will be glad your wore your sparkles and sequins.

Reviewed by H 2020