Fringefeed | 19 Jan 2019

A Region Where Nobody Goes

A Region Where Nobody Goes, written by Sally Davies, takes you into the not-so-distant future of Australian politics and examines how it will fare in the face of the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Lead actor Anna Lindstedt is skilful in her portrayal of Bre, a middle-aged speech writer for the Australian Prime Minister, who is tasked with making the apocalyptic consequences of climate change seem…less apocalyptic.

The majority of the play is a monologue in which Lindstedt delivers clever quips and political commentary with deft comedic timing, drawing the audience into the story and leaving them chuckling at the ridiculous behaviour of those at Capital Hill.

The play makes good use of the stage space through minimal set design which has maximum effect within the context of the play.

Additionally, the lighting and sound effects create an atmosphere that climatic disaster is happening outside whilst Bre, and the audience, are trapped inside.

A Region Where Nobody Goes evokes a sort of national existentialism as it posits how global politics might respond to an Australia in crisis.

If you have even a mild interest in the absurdity, hilarity, and seriousness of Australian politics then this play is for you.

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Steph Murphy

Steph is studying a degree in Politics and English Literature. She spends her free time tearing up Perth dance floors at 3am and regretting everything the next day. Steph wants to pat your dog but is too embarrassed to ask, instead she stares forlornly from across the street.

Ticket Price $15 - $21

End Date 20 Jan 2019

  • Ticket Price $15 - $21
  • End Date 20 Jan 2019
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