Fringefeed | 26 Jan 2019

A Midnight Visit

Welcome to the Edgar Allen Poe-inspired and exciting, unsettlingly shadow filled imagination of troubled little ghost girl Lizzie Reid.

Perth’s iconic and historic Girls School has undergone an astonishing transformation as a next-level haunted house of madness and mayhem that you have the chance to get lost and play in.

Details are in place to immediately put you firmly outside of your comfort zone; you are supplied a face mask to fend off airborne diseases (and conceal expressions), talking is prohibited and you may be separated momentarily from your mate or date.

You then enter the 34-room, multi-level fantasy world for an unprecedented gothic adventure with David Lynch and Eyes Wide Shut vibes that seems nightmarishly never-ending.

Like Alice down the rabbit hole, you drift into an impeccably constructed dreamscape/adventure land, even at times literally crawling from one themed section to another exploring this fascinating world.

Far dreamier and more atmospheric than a theme park ghost train, much more immersive than other shows that have purported to be and an experience that is impossible to forget, A Midnight Visit is certainly a trip.

The level of detail is second to none – the team behind this show have aimed for and promised an immersive experience and have spared no expense to pull it off, every corner boasting props and set design details that elevate the eerie atmosphere.

The tiniest of quibbles is that despite the cast’s best attempts to guide you through the narrative (they are extremely attentive while always remaining in character), you may find you catch only the tail end of a performance.

Although all this does is intensify the urge to do another lap or come back for another visit. Which is not such a bad thing – there is much to take in and appreciate.

For those unsure their nerves can handle it, this is not about cheap gags and things leaping out at you to make you shriek; this is about keeping you in a thrilling state of unease that is hard to shake. And it is a fun state to be in – if you dare.

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Julian Wright

Ticket Price $51 - $82

End Date 03 Mar 2019

  • Ticket Price $51 - $82
  • End Date 03 Mar 2019
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