Fringefeed | 24 Jan 2020

A Disney Tribute: Once Upon a Teaser

This comedy burlesque show is like entering a whole new world of Disney. The concept of taking childhood memories and making them raunchy is creative and intriguing.

The act features award-winning and professional dancers from around Australia, as well as some emerging artists.

The performers dressed as characters from famous Disney films including Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Frozen, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. They then proceeded to gradually strip off layers of clothing while dancing to both Disney songs and other fun well-known soundtracks.

The show also included some singing and a humorous host. The host’s interaction with the two dwarf characters (stage hands) needed work, however he shared some fun anecdotes and made some funny sexual innuendos in regards to Disney films.

Yet, he played it a bit too safe. He had a great energy and engaged the crowd by responding to their reactions. The audience plays a pivotal role in this show, as the cheering enhances the ambiance and sets the tone.

The acts felt a bit repetitive but the audience was generally into it, cheering and applauding each performer. The comedy could have been pushed further throughout all elements of the show. However, the costumes were well designed, apart from some pieces not coming off as easily as they should have. Even in these circumstances, the dancers continued with the show very professionally.

Minimal props were required but certainly added to the narratives, including a spindle and cage.

The show does a wonderful job of promoting positive body image by including performers of a variety of shapes and sizes.

In doing so, A Disney Tribute: Once Upon a Teaser fits well with the overall ethos of FRINGE WORLD.

If you are a bit conservative, let it go and dive under the sea of this fun show.

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Shocking your childhood characters into a burlesque/cabernet fantasy, some characters you will love some you were like oh

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