Fringefeed | 07 Feb 2019

A Complete Waste Of Time

Enjoying stand-up comedy is never a waste of time.

Steve Chang’s show, A Complete Waste of Time, is a quirky look at finding your way in the world.

Chang has travelled a long way from Los Angeles to share his personal journey to find meaning.

He recounts his dissatisfaction at life and its familiar treadmills; the drudgery of daily work, the scam that is retail sales, the circular and somewhat crushing dance of dating, especially using apps.

Chang is clearly not just a guy who sits back and judges these activities but gets involved so he has a better understanding of them.

This means he also has more material to feed his stand up, of course.

On this theme of participation, Chang’s strength is storytelling over banter. His recount of adventures is the highlight of his set.

Seeking a simple yet enjoyable existence, Chang outlines his trip to Peru to test the hallucinatory brew ayahuasca at a rainforest retreat and shares his moment of clarity.

To better understand his own community in all its manifestations he joins a gay-conversion therapy camp, when he was clearly not their target demographic.

Spending time in Las Vegas and the more than one type of gambling that goes on there is another tale to tell.

Chang has the familiar American rhythm in his comedy we locals are more used to seeing on TV rather than on stage and this show feels like the early days of a high-profile career.

Chang has taken his show to Fringe festivals in Hollywood, Edinburgh, now Perth and Adelaide soon.

If he continues to focus on the stories rather than the banter-padding, Steve Chang will be well known in the near future.

Head along to this show with an open mind and support for a clever life narrator.

About the Author

Amber Blake

This is Amber’s second year as a FRINGE WORLD reviewer, and she manages to suppress the urge to shout I’M BACK, BABY! Amber’s regular 9 to 5 is writing grown up documents for the government but her true passion is writing reviews and observations, which enables her main hobby; people watching. A long-time audience member of FRINGE WORLD, you’ll find Amber at random shows throughout the festival, not waiting for friends to get their own tickets organised. Life is too short to miss out on funny and weird!

Ticket Price $15 - $20

End Date 10 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $15 - $20
  • End Date 10 Feb 2019
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