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A Boy Named Cash: Volume II – Johnny Cash and Country Music Greatest Hits

“Hello, I’m Johnny Cash” – and with that iconic phrase the Man in Black launched into a 60 minute homage to the songs of Cash, along with a selection of other country music classics.

Monty Cotton, a regular at FRINGE WORLD, has returned in 2020 with Volume 2 of his acclaimed tribute to country music legend Johnny Cash.

The piazza area outside Rigby’s is the perfect venue for the gig – on a warm Perth night, in the open air, with a beer or wine to hand the crowd was ready and willing to be involved. And involved you must be – Monty demands audience participation – from joining in, loudly, to the chorus line, to clapping along, imitating the crack of a whip, waving arms -and by the finale up on your feet dancing. You cannot help but be caught up in the moment.

With guitar in hand, accompanied by guest Big D on upright bass, Monty ran through the pantheon of hits of Johnny Cash – his voice is spot on, distinctive, but bringing all the passion and excitement of the Cash catalogue.

At one stage he called for a volunteer to play the part of June Carter Cash and sing Jackson and up came a brave, and talented woman, in Megan to do just that – a highlight among many highlights – another of which was a version of Duelling Banjos which certainly got the feet tapping.

As well as the Cash catalogue and a few other country classics, was a segment echoing his Cash Converted show which celebrates Cash’s love of recording covers. The audience throws up suggestions and Monty belts out a version in Johnny’s inimitable style – Kanye West Cash anyone?

A Boy Named Cash has been a sell out at previous festivals here and elsewhere and Volume II is certain to follow suit – so grab a ticket before they all go. You will have a whale of a time.

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Alf Bock

A regular at FRINGE WORLD and reviewer in 2019 and 2020, with my own blog and Instagram page, Perth Café Culture, specialising in reviews of wine and restaurants around town, also reviewing concerts and other events. Written, too, for the Swan Valley website promoting the attractions of the region.

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Excellent show. Very entertaining with a great voice. Love it when you sang "Hurt" . Would go again

Reviewed by Vicki Mills 2020