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A Boy Named Cash: Johnny Cash Experience

This is a review from the 2018 season. This show is returning in 2019.

The crowd was ready to be entertained, the Man in Black had launched into the first song of the evening and despite competing with Perth Festival’s Siren Song event, the Johnny Cash show was under way.

Monty Cotton gave a confident and accomplished performance, choosing a popular selection of Johnny Cash’s classic songs, and was ably supported by gifted musician Adam ‘Spaghetti Fingers’.

The vocals of June Carter were an added highlight to a lively and fun musical evening.

It was a perfect night to sit outside in the sheltered surrounds of the Atrium Bar at Rigby’s Bar and many took the opportunity to settle in early with pre-show meals and drinks.

The enthusiastic audience loved the chance to get involved, throwing out names of favourite songs and singing along with great gusto.

The surrounds of the outdoor bar didn’t do the band any favours with the music accompanied by unfortunate reverberation and echoes as it bounced off the concrete, steel and brick environs.

The vocal track was at times tinny and failed to rise with clarity above the instruments.

Not sure of the strategy behind the staging where the musicians were lit strongly from behind with the front spots too far away to light up the stage area.

With adjustments to overcome the staging and acoustic problems this will be a superb show that all fans of the Man in Black will love.

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I love being part of the festival that is FRINGE WORLD and hope to inspire as many of you as possible to get out and soak up the atmosphere, to open yourselves to the range of experiences on offer, and enjoy Fringe 2019.

Ticket Price $15 - $20

End Date 08 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $15 - $20
  • End Date 08 Feb 2019
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