Fringefeed | 06 Feb 2020

A bookish comedy show

Enthusiasts of language and literature are the stars in this fantastic line-up of comedians from all over the world.

The show features book loving (and one book hating!) comedians led by the warm and witty George Dimarelos, who has taken his show to Edinburgh and all around Australia.

He has a quick mind and responds to audience reaction immediately, tailoring his words to suit the mood in a truly skillful way and keeping the show running smoothly with fun quiz sections in between.

The show has plenty of saucier jokes, from lady bits to novel covers that make Austen’s work appear vastly more scandalous!

Kate Smirthwaite leads the way on this, and her set in particular is bursting with intelligence and insightfulness that offers you the double whammy of a belly-aching laugh and also something to ponder long after you have left the show.

Nothing is sacred and everything gets skewered hilariously. The Old Testament takes a beating that elicits the loudest and most cathartic laughs and I am sure it leaves everyone wondering what on earth its writers were thinking.

There are of course a plethora of references, from pop culture to classic literature, and word nerds will find plenty to enjoy.

This is a great comedy gig to bring your book club along to, or that friend who loves to read, but you don’t have to be a book enthusiast to enjoy the show, because books are just the central point from which the comedians explore a range of hilarity-ensuing topics.

I highly recommend this to all anyone who likes a laugh that makes you think!

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