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Libby Hammer: Are We There Yet?

The lights were dim inside the Ellington Jazz Club and the small tables were crammed with parents and young children.

The stage was set with an impressive arrangement of instruments; there was a grand piano, a double bass, a drum kit, a saxophone, a flute, a clarinet and a trumpet.

The doors opened and Libby Hammer bounced in, looking pretty sharp, with her jazz band following close behind her.

The room lit up with smiles and children waved as Libby Hammer took centre stage. It was time for another crazy Libby Hammer concert!

Libby Hammer is a well-known Perth jazz vocalist, band leader, vocal coach and composer who has been working as a professional singer since 1996. Libby Hammer is passionate about teaching kids about music and that really shows in her children’s concerts.

In 2017 she performed an interactive, educational children’s music show at FRINGE WORLD called Crazy Hat Day. Her show delighted children and was awarded the WA Children’s Event Award. If you enjoyed Crazy Hat Day, then you will love her new show which is called Libby Hammer: Are We There Yet?

There’s a lot to like about Libby Hammer’s jazz concerts for children. Her band is an impressive jazz ensemble.

I really liked the selection of instruments they had on stage, the mix added some good variety to the songs, and the skill of some of the musicians really stood out to me, like the man on the grand piano and the Blues Brothers inspired cool cat working the saxophone.

Libby Hammer is really great at interacting with her audience in her concerts. She goes right up to children and asks them questions, gets them to tell her about themselves, and encourages them to get up and dance and play.

Libby Hammer wrote all new music for her new show. Her songs were cheerful and fun and just the tiniest bit educational about the world of music. Her performance on stage was full of joy and her live band backed her up very well. Great fun was had by all.

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