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80s LoveBUS Tour With Gloria

The 80s LoveBUS Tour is a fun and interactive walking/bus tour around the former hot-spots of Perth nightlife.

It’s also a rare glance into a decade where Perth seemed a lot cooler than it is now – who knew that the likes of Prince and The Cure used to roam down Milligan Street on a Saturday night? No doubt catching an Uber they telegrammed in (ha-ha 80s joke).

At a minimum, the show is a 90 minute reminder to go home and download an 80s playlist full of songs that you ‘know’ but never reeeaaaally ‘knew’.

As a result, I personally found that INXS was excellent ‘I’m late to work I need to strut down St George Terrace’ music this morning along with some Tears for Fears and Hall and Oats.

The production would benefit from being leaner- both in duration and narrative.

After an initial expose of Northbridge, the tour becomes tedious as you venture into the CBD to see the sights of the old Melbourne and Five Stars for example.

In terms of narrative, the base element of the BBC documentary is fantastic, but themes of deportation, marriage and Jason Donovan are slight overkill that tend to drag.

The tour really entertains when each audience member is assigned a task to produce the BBC Documentary.

The roles are really what you make of it, and the experience is enhanced when people throw themselves into the job they’ve been assigned.

Whether you’re the director, security, PA or spiritual advisor there is ample opportunity to play your part and interact with the other passengers on the tour.

The LoveBUS is a great girls night or date idea for the 80s babies who remember their nights out at The Red Parrot, Gobbles and Club Rumours.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to educate your offspring that your nights at Pinocchios’ (now the Capitol) were a lot less tame than theirs are, then this should go on the Must-Do list for sure.

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Ticket Price $47 - $65

End Date 21 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $47 - $65
  • End Date 21 Feb 2018
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