Fringefeed | 31 Jan 2018

Sam Taunton – It’s Nice, It’s Modern

Picking on members in the audience to break the ice is really not something we like in Perth. We are a shy bunch and you could feel the people shrinking into their plastic chairs when Sam Taunton kicked off his stand-up act last night.

The Sydney based comedian, stranded in the Belgian Palace and far away the hubbub of the Northbridge Fringe hub, then cracked a few ‘local’ jokes. Silence. There was not much love there either.

Has anyone heard of him? Apparently not, despite his success in last year’s FRINGE WORLD and appearing on ABC’s Next Gen comedy special. “That’s brutal,” he said, and then, in the same breath, he humbly thanked everyone for taking a punt and coming out on a Tuesday night to see his show.

The room heaved a sigh and visibly relaxed. He was a nice, modern guy after all.

The Nominee Best Newcomer 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Nominee Best Comedy 2017 FRINGE WORLD warned the audience that he would be trying out some new material and it might be rough going, but so what? We like that at the Fringe, don’t we? There was some slight nerves, for sure, but it was part of the charm.

He took us to the laundromat, taught us about music festivals, and confessed his deepest, darkest drunk story secret. We laughed, we commiserated and we all wanted to know what Dad was going to tell him about ‘Millie’…

Make sure you catch Sam Taunton this week before his run ends. As we learn more about this talented comedian, I’m sure he’s also learning about WA audiences and what makes them laugh.

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Ti Lian-Siew

Perth-based writer with a creative bent. Several of her plays were performed in Queensland and she is currently working on a new play project for 2018. Ti Lian-Siew was a journalist and has extensive experience in newsdesk reporting and subediting. She currently reviews food, travel and movies.

Ticket Price $15 - $25

End Date 02 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $15 - $25
  • End Date 02 Feb 2018
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