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6056 (Midland) is more than a postcode. For stand up comedian Cameron Mclarens it is his home town.

Cameron Mclaren shares his experiences growing up in his own one man stand up show.

He tells tales of going to school in 6056 and paints an interesting and light hearted picture on growing up in his beloved hood of Midland town.

The stories Cameron Mclaren shares throughout the evening gives you a feeling he is a likeable guy. He was an enjoyable storyteller.

His interaction with the audience was done well, making some members part of the show.

He addresses the social issues and his personal experiences and tells interesting stories on the town at the end of the train line in a humorous way.

If you like jokes about Aussie culture, then 6056 is your show.

The show is a reminder of how FRINGE WORLD shows can be about anything or anyone.

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A FRINGE WORLD veteran, mother of one, and lover of all things weird and wonderful. It all started with one visit to a show at Fringe, 5 years later I'm reviewing shows to hopefully motivate those new to Fringe or just help those who are interested in seeing something different.

Ticket Price $20

End Date 23 Jan 2019

  • Ticket Price $20
  • End Date 23 Jan 2019
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Overall really enjoyed this show and Cameron's insights into what it was like growing up in Midland compared to 'golden triangle' suburbs. Some of the jokes we had heard before in other shows and the bit how he 'doesn't care' about climate change left us feeling a little awkward and like we had gone back in time twenty years. However, apart from these two things, we found ourselves laughing so hard at Cameron's original jokes and stories and are interested in seeing him grow!

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