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By Peri Watson on 17 Feb 2018

Take a stab at the suburb we all love to hate – Midland.

Exploring drugs, violence and education, “6056” details Cameron McLaren’s first fight, his first high and his general lack of intellect, all the while shining a harsh light on the cracks of the goon-splattered pavement.

This form of self-deprecating humour is not for the empathetic at heart, but manages to appeal to the childish sadist in us all.

I’ve found with stand-up comedy, there is always a risk. McLaren relies heavily on audience involvement and building a rapport, though through no fault of his own, it at times falls flat.

McLaren’s sense of humour isn’t exactly accessible to a large audience, if crude humour isn’t your thing.

In fact, the audience for “6056” is difficult to define. If you’re expecting champagne humour to laugh down at the misfortune of the Midland-class, prepare to be disappointed.

McLaren’s self-aware humour unabashedly shames his own suburb while also managing to bring up the self-esteem of everyone in the room.

Regardless, McLaren is a charming character who draws sympathy while making us laugh. “6056” delves into the dark underbelly of Perth’s forgotten suburb and has staked its claim as the definition of schadenfreude.

22 Feb 2018
The Palace Society
The Palace Society at 1907 Palace
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Peri Watson

Peri Watson

Peri Watson is a Creative Writing student responsible for abandoning story ideas and neglecting half-filled notebooks. She was the winner of the Roy Grace English Scholarship and the Walter Horeb Literary Award in 2015. She has reviewed for FRINGE WORLD and PIAF since 2016.

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