Fringefeed | 31 Jan 2018

The Trick

It’s fresh, it’s new, a World Premiere at the Fringe. Excellent actors, cheap $15 tickets, and a cosy venue at The Laneway in the city, made it an enjoyable evening.

The Trick is about two friends who reconnect after years apart. Frank has an audition to attend and decides to take up the offer to crash at his mate Joe’s apartment.

He also hopes to catch up with an old flame. While he seeks fame, Joe is already famous. Unbeknownst to him, his childhood mate lives a dual life as a YouTube sensation.

Old friends bring a history of past hurts and jealousies. Slowly they discover that time and distance has led them down different paths in life, and inevitably, there is a bit of competitiveness as well.

Who is more successful – a recluse with a million fans who is trapped by his own fears or the struggling actor who only has one or two people who love him but is free to do what he wants?

The two friends must find their way through this. It makes us wonder, if we can ‘fall out of love’, can we also ‘fall out of friendship’?

It was a shame that only a dozen people attended the play yesterday. If you like theatre, you must try to catch The Trick before it ends on Friday.

The misleading publicity blurb and scant media information probably doesn’t do this new Australian play by Valentin Lang any favours. But put aside an evening for this and you will be richly rewarded.

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Ti Lian-Siew

Perth-based writer with a creative bent. Several of her plays were performed in Queensland and she is currently working on a new play project for 2018. Ti Lian-Siew was a journalist and has extensive experience in newsdesk reporting and subediting. She currently reviews food, travel and movies.

Ticket Price $15

End Date 02 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $15
  • End Date 02 Feb 2018
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