Fringefeed | 31 Jan 2018

Noughty Girls

Dear DOLLY Doctor,

And so we start hearing the questions from three girls contemplating going to their high school reunion. Yes, they are mainly about how to impress and maybe distress some people. But.

Besides hilarious topics like Brazilian waxing and gluten-free diets of course we somehow get a little reflection on society, relationships, discrimination and youth and music and love and stuff.

The format becomes clear and natural during the show. We hear a burning question from one of these suburban goddesses in pink velour tracksuits, and we can rejoice in the wise responses given by the Doctor herself.

And the songs.

And dare I say: OMG! The dance moves.

“Noughty Girls” is almost classical theatre but the script is fresh and original. The dialogues are snappy. The performers are from an all-female creative company in Sydney called The General Public. They are brave and fierce in their delivery.

And when I say fierce I mean they mean it. Whatever it is.

The Palace Society at Laneway Palace is an attractive venue and Courtney Ammenhauser, Kimberley Greaves and Hannah Grace Fulton filled it with enthusiasm and fringilicous performances.

I enjoyed myself. If you are a girl or if you ever contemplated going to a re-union ever in your life it is highly recommended!

If you don’t enjoy sketchy, female alternative comedy maybe this will not be your favourite.

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Anna Wann

Who is this? That's what Anna Wann has been dying to find out for 36 years, over several countries, dual citizenship mishaps, friendly divorces, unfriendly divorces through multiple languages, one art degree and a completely unrelated day job. It is impossible to put that in 50 words!

Ticket Price $18 - $20

End Date 04 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $18 - $20
  • End Date 04 Feb 2018
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