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Star Crossed Poetry

Intimate and romantic love, with its myriad of meanings it has to us, was explored as a construct through a range of contemporary poetry upstairs at the Cheeky Sparrow last night.

The setting encouraged the intimacy and sharing of pure feelings, and at times made me feel like I was actually eavesdropping on the performers’ private lives.
Their disclosures were so deeply heartfelt, personal and eloquently expressed. It moving and fascinating.

I was surprised how erotic it was to hear such deep emotions expressed so freely:“I fell apart in your fingers”.

The show stirred up many long-forgotten memories for me, vividly transporting me through the power of words to different times of my life. I’d forgotten the sheer power poetry has to connect and move you so rapidly.

It was a delight to experience and reconnect with. It was definitely not the poetry I remembered from my school days. This was provocative, visceral and intense. I found the lines “We melt together in the bedroom” and “Like a magnet, every fibre of myself wants to connect with yours” particularly compelling.

For me, Saoirse’s rousing poem “I need an apocalyptic fuck” was profoundly stirring.

I also loved the line “Till our bones melt”.

I experienced the full range of emotions connected to love during the 40 minutes of the show. Bittersweet love, loss and betrayal, joy and pain.

It was set in a bar with background music setting the scene. Jake ‘Wiseguy’ Sulli was a barman talking to Jesse Oliver about the nature of love. The poets Saoirse

Nash, The Laundry Man and Demie Scally demonstrated the rich range of love in their own unique styles and though their own poems. I loved it.
Jesse, who you might recognise from the recent TEDxPerth, was the central character in the show, sharing his vulnerability and pulling it all together with his distinctive hip-hop style.

I loved his vivid description of socks left behind by a former lover, rolled up like tiny bombs left to detonate…

The show is a world premiere and only plays until 19 February.

Star-Crossed Poetry shows at The Common Room at Paper Mountain and the Mezzanine Bar at Cheeky Sparrow.

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Ticket Price $10 - $20

End Date 19 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $10 - $20
  • End Date 19 Feb 2018
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