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50 Canadian, 100% Crazy, Let’s Laugh


The red Canadian Mountie uniform, complete with hat, is hard to miss and sets the scene for USA based comedian Michelle Christine’s entertaining story of how she left Canada and became an International Comedian. It is a light-hearted, entertaining and heartfelt show of her quest to get out of debt, get her American visa, get the man of her dreams and make it as a comedian.

Michelle Christine is warm and captivating. She fluidly blends storytelling and stand-up to give you an experience that leaves you feeling enriched, a better person for spending time with her. She humorously shares the failures, highs and lows, unexpected challenges and resourceful lucky breaks she stumbled through that will have you laughing out loud with her deadpan delivery.

She shows a vulnerability and raw honesty that draws you in, wanting things to come together for her. Her very humanness and ingenuity in dealing with the unexpected bumps in her life is totally endearing. You are on Team Michelle Christine and with her on her journey. Her courage and tenacity to achieve her dream is inspiring.

If you’re curious how people become comedians, and what it would be like to be on the road many months of the year let Michelle Christine tell you straight what is like. I certainly left with a new-found respect for the sacrifices entertainers make in their personal lives to make it. Her show, 50% CANADIAN, 100% CRAZY, LET’S LAUGH, was uplifting, demonstrating how failures can become our greatest opportunities.

What you take away from your time with Michelle Christine is that persistence pays, not to take no for an answer, to take a risk and to be a little bit cheeky in the process.

This is a feel-good show about life.

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Review by Lou Kelly on 01 Mar 2018

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