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Get ready to be wowed in this entrancing performance by Anthony Tran and Fay MacFarlane, two very talented love birds celebrating their five years together through acrobatics, aerials and a bit of cheeky fun.

The power couple begin with a tug of war in bed, showcasing the hilarious and real struggles of sharing your blanket with a significant other.

The chemistry between them is electric, and their fluid movements show their deep connection with each other, peppered in with Anthony’s hilarious expressions and Fay’s feigned nonchalance.

The dance takes them out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, where their playfulness continues, showcasing the everyday rituals of a long-term couple in not-so-everyday handstands and splits.

Their dance cycles through the different stages of a relationship, from playfulness, to fighting, then to a powerful reconciliation and love once more, each to curated bops everyone is sure to tap along to.

They go from dance, to aerial straps and then to corde lisse as they follow along with the storyline, each routine more awe-inspiring than the next.

Their graceful movements make spinning in the air look effortless, and never failed to amaze the audience which is obvious from their open mouths and thunderous applause.

Whether you’re a seasoned circus-goer or an expectant first-timer, ‘5’ will give you all you want, and more, with a fun aerobic routine thrown into the mix.

Don’t hesitate to get your tickets to their next show while you still can – this may be a new show, but it’ll be a Fringe favourite by the end of the season, or at least that’s what their standing ovation is telling us!

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Tiffany Ko

Tiffany is a Fringe enthusiast and loves all things wonderful and weird. She’s excited to come back for a second time to spill the tea on everything this year’s Festival has to offer. When she’s not out catching shows, she’ll most likely be working on her TBR pile or looking for new lit journals to subscribe to.

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scaled_5_show_square_ 5

Watched this on Monday with my husband and we absolutely loved it! Anthony and Faye have such a great chemistry and portray everything that happens in real life couples! I felt like I was holding my breathe whenever they did breathtaking moves!

Defo one to catch and bring your other half! Enjoyed every minute of it! It WILL NOT disappoint you!

Reviewed by Nicole 2020
scaled_5_show_square_ 5

Best show I have seen in ages. These two are amazing, you will not be disappointed 10/10

Reviewed by Philippa 2020