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Four shows across four weeks.

This demonstration of acting talent from the youth of The Actors’ Hub provides credit to the investment and interest in the performing arts and representation of self as soon to be respected and sprouting actors.

4x4x4 began with a bang, literally shots fired as Frank Ocean whispers in your ear, ‘smoke, haze’.

The smog dissipating just enough for the familial tensions between two Drummer brothers to settle and provide a disturbing and twisted platform for all characters to strategically jump from, if they so wish in this world of soldiers and survivors.

Set in post-apocalyptic Perth City in abandoned abodes and directed by Amanda Crewes, the four different shows over four weeks titled, ‘Know Your Enemy’, ‘One Punch Wonder’, ‘Why’ and ‘Pool (No Water)’ requires the actors to rake their memories and explore what they may offer in an artistic sense to an expectant audience and within the wee pocket of East Perth. And boy did they deliver.

Starring Nicholas Allen, Adam Droppert, Andrew Dustan, Christian Tomaszewski, Madison Crewes and Glenn Wallis, 4x4x4 proved to be confronting.

Quentin Tarantino-like gore splashed across the chests of the actors within the first few minutes, panting breath and an ominous alien luring the eyes of all those who dare watch the calm glances it directed throughout the play and the unspoken power that such a little gesture may suggest when done with the utmost finesse; this was most definitely achieved throughout.

The seating arrangement of this theatre allowed the opposing sides of the audience to watch one another through the glass encased arena where the action took place.

I found comfort in watching the faces of my fellow audience members’ wince, sometimes allowing their jaws to drop a gap at appropriate intervals.

On this opening night which so happened to be a chilly Saturday evening, salacious allegations were made and voice recordings of human error were announced by this alien positioned centre stage.

I’d definitely attend this show over a new Netflix produced thriller any day.

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Review by Ana Music on 28 Jan 2018

Ana Music is a graduate from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Arts (Dance). She’s 21 and an Aries, which apparently means she likes to smash through glass ceilings using only her head and no assisting appliance. She likes fur coats and meat, and needs coffee daily otherwise she experiences withdrawal symptoms.

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