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Simple Space – Anna Wann

Do you remember watching circus when you were little and attempting the back flips on your mattress at home straight after? Or trying to climb up onto you Dad to see if you can stand on his shoulders?

Your life was much simpler. There was no work, your only mission was to find joy and new things to experience. That was your life. The days had to end because the sun went down, otherwise you would have wanted them to last forever.

There were quiet times when you heard the sounds the floor made when you jumped and landed on it. Sometimes on your face.

Now the good news is you can feel connected to that part of your self again at A Simple Space.

A small South Australian Circus Ensemble -formed in 2009 – named Gravity & Other Myths (GOM) created a concept of simplicity.

It only sounds easy if you never tried to actually simplify something that is complex and  tried to manage it with seven acrobats capable of anything a human body allows them to do.

They somehow evolved this idea into the most engaging 60 minutes I have experienced in a live show.

The trick is that you feel connected.

The trick is that you see every move and hear every breath.

The seven acrobats do not leave the small stage while performing, they mostly use their own bodies as equipment and their perfectionism is over shined -only marginally- by their enthusiasm and care for the craft, each other and the audience.

I do like to think that because this show is simple in space, simple in presentation, simple in  equipment, simple in sounds, simple in costumes and make-up it allows the inner beauty to shine through, giving us the joy of circus, the wonder of performance.

These are big words and I don’t want to create a false idea by saying it is all simple.

There is hard work.

It is obvious that the performers have trained since the dawn of their existence, and there must have been years of blood, sweat and tears. Having said that I just cannot imagine that there were tears actually, all of these circus artists looked wholesome and somehow untouched by the monster of show business.

And while you are online go and buy some tickets to A Simple Space at FRINGE WORLD before it is too late.

The 7pm session on the 10th of February is audio described by DADAA

About the Author

Anna Wann

Who is this? That's what Anna Wann has been dying to find out for 36 years, over several countries, dual citizenship mishaps, friendly divorces, unfriendly divorces through multiple languages, one art degree and a completely unrelated day job. It is impossible to put that in 50 words!

Ticket Price 38 - $42

End Date 16 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price 38 - $42
  • End Date 16 Feb 2020
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Attended the show with my other half and my grandson. My grandson sat jaw open the whole show and was impressed when he got to take to the stage and be part of the show ! We loved it ! Destination Perth

Reviewed by Tracey Cinavas-Prosser 2020

Amazing joy-filled performance! Impossible to not enjoy and appreciate the strength, skill, humour, enthusiasm and cheekiness of the team. Hope they're back next year.

Reviewed by Sally 2020