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TOD Talks

As a big fan of TED Talks, I was really looking forward to seeing this send-up and it didn’t disappoint.

It was an hour of fast-paced, intelligent humour, based on the instantly recognisable winning TED formula – with a twist. The format, lighting and stage set of the show were eerily familiar – but not.

There was the usual red spot, but it was square, there was the clearly identifiable logo, but it spelt TOD, and there was the distinctive dripping water sound at the start.

Local comedian Owen Merriman, sporting a neatly tied back dreadies, requisite serious black turtleneck, and jacket, was the MC and opened this world premiere to an enthusiastic, packed house at the new Palace Society venue at the Globe.

Six comedians were given five minutes each to present a ‘TOD Talk’ on a subject selected by the live audience. They had to include the accompanying six slides presented that they’d not seen before, projected up on the screen.

Imagine being thrown a picture of Kim Jong Un, Steven Bradbury, or the anatomy of the penis, to include in a presentation with no preparation time and you get the idea.

Each speaker had to literally just run with the topic given them and what was thrown up on the screen and what was wheeled out or presented on a tray to include. It was spontaneous, organic and hilarious.

Each speaker had slides to work with that included a random fact, a picture somehow incorporating Nicholas Cage’s face, a graph of some sort to interpret to the audience, and a conclusion slide.

We heard presentations about Kill Old People, Animal Fornification, Grow a Beard (and the rise of social bearding), The Smell of Ants, The Future of Racism, and Cats in Costumes but the topics will be different each night

There are four TOD Talks shows cumulating in the grand finale of the four winners from the previous shows with two wild cards on 10th February – I will definitely be trying to get tickets for that night. I strongly recommend it.

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Ticket Price $20 - $26

End Date 27 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $20 - $26
  • End Date 27 Feb 2019
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