Fringefeed | 28 Jan 2018

Alcohol Is Good For You Too

Alcohol Is Good For You Too is a spirited show rooted in observational humour about everyday life for an everyday man whilst peppered with the absurd, like the plight of sausage dogs, sex acts with root vegetables and of course booze fuelled stories.

Alcohol is a component of several of Sam Kissajukian anecdotes and is also imbibed as a shot by the comedian whenever a joke fell flat.

With a look akin to playing synths in a low-fi psychedelic band, Kissajukian is just so darn likeable and relatable.

He’s familiar with Perth and cleverly incorporates his experiences in our town; from a misguided night out in Midland to the day-to-day life of staying in Freo.

The mundane even gets a look in as he pricelessly illustrates our odd obsession with stocking up on discounted cans of tuna.

He’s a deft storyteller reminding you of that mate who can regale you with a story flourished with hilarious detail as you sit sinking a pint.

The awkwardness that sometimes befalls audiences unfamiliar with a comedian was not apparent at this show as Kissajukian riffed with the crowd providing some of the most biting and hilarious portions of the act.

He’s a comic that’s not afraid to delve into the unknown to find the nuances of what makes our lives hilarious.

Relishing the opportunity to veer off on a tangent if the moment called for it demonstrated comedic dexterity that for the most part worked and when it didn’t, well that was just another shot drunk by Kissajukian.

Towards the end Kissajukian nervously wondered out loud what the unknown reviewer thought of his loose show and I’m happy to say that I raise a toast to Alcohol Is Good For You Too for being unabashedly funny and a brilliant way to kick off FRINGE WORLD.

So head on down to the Hellenic Club WA, settle in, and let Kissajukian and yourself become acquainted drinking buddies.

Alcohol Is Good For You Too runs at Rooftop Terrace at Universal Bar and the Hellenic Club WA on selected dates until February 25.

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Melanie Griffiths

Melanie is often found left of stage, earplugs in, and notes out at live concerts and events. A music writer and reviewer who writes for several publications, she brings her passion for music, the arts and Perth to the FRINGE WORLD team.

Ticket Price $21 - $25

End Date 25 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $21 - $25
  • End Date 25 Feb 2018
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