Fringefeed | 27 Jan 2019

Wet Sounds

Joel Cahen provides a uniquely immersive sound environment. There is a very good reason this show is an award winner. The concept is a fascinating exploration of the effects of sound and water. Cahen is primarily a composer and sound designer, which is evident by the intense array of sounds being played over the course of the evening.

For me, I understood it as an art installation, where the concept cannot be activated without audience participation.

Cahen operates as a disturber, and the audience reacts to the changes occurring around them. By participating, the audience completes the meaning and understanding of the situation. My tip would be to not stay in just one section of the pool, but really take the chance to explore all of the space.

The show I attended however had a significantly delayed start, which resulted in a very rushed introduction. This introduction would have been key to creating the immersive atmosphere the artist clearly wanted to achieve.

This show is in deep water where the swimmer cannot touch the bottom unless purposefully trying. If you are a beginner swimmer, be aware there is little swimming relief once away from the edge, with the exception of some pool noodles on a rope at one side. The show is very safe, with numerous life guards stationed around the pool, and scuba divers beneath. This event is family friendly, with a variety of people attending.

Equipment wise, to participate you do need bathers or some sort of swim wear. The audience are completely in the water, and are left alone by staff. I would recommend bringing goggles as it does allow the opportunity to be able to go underwater and see what is around you. I did not have goggles with me, and found floating around on my back was enjoyable as I could move between the sounds above and below the water. There are snorkels and flippers available for hire at an additional cost.

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Emma Brand

Emma is back in action for round two at FringeFeed. She enjoyed it so much last year, she is now sporting a fringe herself! Now armed and ready with a Bachelor’s degree, Emma is relying on her humour and zany attitude to fumble her way through more adult life.

Ticket Price 38 - 38

End Date 29 Jan 2019

  • Ticket Price 38 - 38
  • End Date 29 Jan 2019
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Best show I've seen this year! The perfect combination of comedy and magic!!

Reviewed by Emmanuel 2019