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Australia: A Whinging Poms Guide

I went into Australia: A Whinging Poms Guide without knowing a lot about comedian Dan Willis.

I’ve met my fair share of Whinging Poms so I thought going to a comedy show about a Pom complaining about Australia on Australia Day would probably be pretty amusing.

Australia: A Whinging Poms Guide was an absolute delight. Willis came out onto the stage wearing an English Football Jersey and was making people crack up laughing before they’d even found their seats.

Willis was born in Yorkshire in 1973. He worked with computers for 12 years before switching to stand-up comedy after the IT crash of 2002.

Since then he has made a good career for himself as a comedian. He has performed thousands of live-stand up shows in comedy venues and festivals all across the globe.

He moved to Australia six years ago and is now married to an Aussie wife (who he calls his Little Visa) and they have a three-year-old daughter together.

Willis had a lot of hilarious observations about Australia in his show. He talked about the things he missed from England like sausage rolls from his favourite bakery and being woken up in the morning to the sound of birds singing sweetly.

In Australia you get woken up to cockatoos shrieking, our sausages are terrible and don’t get him started on Vegemite, all right?

He also had a bone to pick with us about our giant spiders, our casual swearing, how terrifying magpies are and really wanted to know why do we keep changing our Prime Ministers so much?

Australia: A Whinging Poms Guide is showing at Roof Deck at The Court on Fridays and Saturdays, January 26 to February 24 (except February 16) at 7.30pm.

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  • Ticket Price $25 -
  • End Date 08 Feb 2019
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