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360 Allstars


The 360 Allstars bring together a range of world class talents to create an electrifying and tightly choreographed performance, centred around the theme of the circle and enhanced by the musical talents of producer and performer Gene Peterson and incredible vocalist, hip hop artist and NZ X-Factor winner Beau Monga.

Each performer is a leader in their field – world champion basketball freestyler Bravo Debelke, world champion BMX Flatlander Peter Sore, world champion Breakdancers Bboy Sette and Bboy Leerok and Cyr Wheel Guinness World Record holder Rowan Thomas.

The show begins dynamically with an ingeniously lit introduction of each performer in video game style, followed by a mind-blowing solo performance by each.

The use of cleverly edited video, accompanying live music by Peterson and Monga and the charisma of each performer takes the audience on a thrilling ride.

After the individual display of talents, the performers combine in comedic and enthralling acts that use elements of traditional circus acts with breakdancing, BMX and ball skills.

The two musicians also get their moment in the spotlight with a dynamic drumming display from world champion drummer, Peterson and a hip-hop demonstration by Monga.

Bravo, Peter Sore and the Bboys bring charm and humour to their acts, drawing the audience in from the very beginning.

The acts are executed in the tradition of the circus clown, combined with the very real physical talent and strength they need to perform the gravity defying feats on display.

Rowan Thomas demonstrates his skill on the giant hoop, or cyr wheel with a sweet simplicity that reveals discipline and talent.

All the team are multi-talented and as the show progresses, they reveal their skills in other disciplines, with cleverly scripted comic displays.

The display of hip-hop sounds was the only pause in the energy and the only part that did not elicit spontaneous whoops and cheers from a spellbound audience.

This interlude was more than balanced by the five physical actors who bring synergy and vigour to every aspect of the show.

The 360 Allstars generated pumping excitement in the audience, leaving them spellbound and breathless for more.

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Review by Linda Smith on 26 Jan 2019

Linda Smith is a professional writer, marketing and event officer, and published author of The Santa Files, The Elves Go East and Teaching Skills for Ball Games. She is a fan of the theatre and is always on the lookout for new and interesting shows and entertainment.