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30 Years Single

The self-acclaimed 30-year-old bachelor, teacher and freestyle rapster, Daniel Delby had the pressure on.

Opening up his first show at FRINGE WORLD 2018 to what appeared to be a flock of twenty-something, single, glammed up women… making me think I had accidentally walked in to the casting of the Bachelor.

Cameron McLaren, friend and fellow comedian opened the show giving his insight into the funny side of obesity and benefits of sleeping naked. The crowd was all laughs setting Delby up for a warmed-up bunch.

Having just returned from back surgery Delby appeared to be off to a rocky start in his first few punch lines, with them feeling slightly too rehearsed.

A few minutes in and the Wanneroo local was in the zone, relating to the crowd with some word plays on street names in Perth and what they’re known for. Let’s just say Rockingham and leave it at that.

Moving into his experiences as a teacher the comedian was surprised to realise a passed student in the audience, but the show must go on!

As the show progresses you feel Delby become more confident with the audience with some crowd interaction, giving the humour a relatability factor.

Mixing it up Delby brings out the guitar and shows off some impressive skills freestyling to the melody of Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry and using a member of the audience for inspiration and wordplay.

In the second half of his show Delby really digs in deep to his experience of being 30 years single, the humorous stories of rejection, the insight into dating apps and his hilarious relationship with his housemate who acts as a (temporary) placement of a girlfriend for date nights.

Ending on a high Delby closed with another freestyle, this time with two members of the audience leaving the crowd in tears.

If you’re wanting a relatable comedian with some serious freestyle skills, local comedian Delby is worth a visit with his hilarious take on being 30 and single in Perth.

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When not finding excuses to devour coco-whip, Rose enjoys observing and interpreting the world around her…. whilst of course eating coco-whip. She may seem quiet at first, but is most likely reconstructing a festival of words worth putting on to paper for you to enjoy!

Ticket Price $20

End Date 15 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price $20
  • End Date 15 Feb 2020
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Delby is a very good comedian and just as good and not finding love (unfortunately of course). All his punch lines hit with great effect and relate back through his set over its entirety. I have had the pleasure of seeing him on stage several times and have never been disappointed to date. Highly recommend getting along and getting a seat at his "30 Years Single" set!!!

Reviewed by Daniel Adamson 2019