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30 Years Single

Teacher and stand-up comedian Daniel Delby is a 32-year-old Wanneroo local. His crude humour is softened by his charisma and enthusiasm, but be warned he will make a lot of sexual references and allusions to drugs.

Delby maintains the energy in the room by bouncing between jokes and stories, always keeping the audience laughing and on their toes, as he calls on people to join in the conversation.

Delby shares very personal narratives about his teaching experience and love life. He maintains a fast pace with short anecdotes, keeping the audience entertained and leaving them wanting more.

While some of his transitions could have been more seamless, it was great to see a comedian not rely on notes.

His casual approach made it feel like everyone in the room was just hanging out at the pub hearing humorous tales from a mate. This intimacy is well suited to the general topic and made people feel more comfortable to join in the interactive parts of the show.

However, unlike most comedians, Delby does not overly pick on audience members. While he made small jokes about late arrivals, he was sensitive to the fact that some couples did not want to share their private stories and was considerate of a couple who was on their third date.

The greatest highlight was during two raps. Delby spontaneously creates songs based on the conversations of the night with the audience members and random keywords that people supply. This really showed his ability to think on the spot and produce a unique performance each time.

Delby is charming and clever, making 30 Years Single a wonderful stand-up show to see this year.

It is great for a date night or singles.

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Ticket Price $20

End Date 15 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price $20
  • End Date 15 Feb 2020
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Delby is a very good comedian and just as good and not finding love (unfortunately of course). All his punch lines hit with great effect and relate back through his set over its entirety. I have had the pleasure of seeing him on stage several times and have never been disappointed to date. Highly recommend getting along and getting a seat at his "30 Years Single" set!!!

Reviewed by Daniel Adamson 2019