Fringefeed | 14 Feb 2018

3 Little Gigs Comedy Show

3 Little Gigs Comedy Showcase delivers exactly what it’s title promises.

Three small gigs, at an intimate venue with a hell-of-a-lot of laughter.

It’s definitely a night where some of the wittiest comedians hit the stage and showcase their comedic charm.

Located in the Supper Room of the Perth Town Hall, the venue boasts a comfortable, intimate arrangement for comedy go-getters.

Melbourne comedian Lauren Bok delivers a fantastic gig as she takes to the stage and has the crowd in stitches. Her humour is crude, yes, but it’s also delightfully clever and Bok’s ability to improvise can not be understated. Bok manages to spend the better part of her skit fighting the musical wonders from outside the venue, but embraces every moment of the small disruption and even sings her way through the night.

The crowd definitely takes well to Bok’s comfortable approach, and eagerly play along with her paper-plate-crowd-redefining moment. Here, Bok defines who she believes is always in a Fringe Festival Comedy crowd and does so by handing audience members paper plates with images on them. One is the audio technician, another is the supportive mother, a jealous overly competitive artist, a lust-full crowd member and even a lust-full comedian herself. This act had the audience engaged, and even better, it brought strangers from all over together laughing at how painfully truthful, and silly, all Bok’s concepts were.

All comedians who took to the stage were entertaining, and definitely worth seeing again. A must-do show for those who want to spend their night on the lighter side.

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Niamh Guy

Niamh Guy is a twenty-two year old female who passionate about Perth’s art and comedy scene. She is currently completing a Masters in Journalism, and lives with three adorable pooches who love Perth’s sun as much as she does.

Ticket Price $14 -

End Date 25 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $14 -
  • End Date 25 Feb 2018
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