Fringefeed | 22 Feb 2018

Liam Ryan – In Your Dreams

Liam Ryan is a racehorse. With nervous, almost twitching muscles, he bursts onto the stage, eyes wild.

He’s a physical mash-up of Kramer from Seinfeld, curly top electrified, but also Art Garfunkel, if he’d smashed a six pack of Red Bull.

After growing up in Perth, Ryan is now a regular in the Melbourne comedy circuit, from stand up gigs, to emceeing events, to writing stints on The Project.

His delivery and timing, like everything else about him, is frenetic, and you can’t help but willingly follow him down a rabbit hole of weird and wonderful stories.

In Your Dreams is a humorous examination of the quirky ways our brain works while we sleep. It’s also about how real life presents situations more bizarre and unsettling than anything our brains conjure.

Showcasing an impressive improvisational talent, Ryan asks audience members to share their recurrent dreams and then uses them to riff on his own real-life experience of the same theme.

From an obstacle-ridden journey to the doctor’s office, to being chased by an army of carb-craving ducks, to a long-standing feud with Daryl Braithwaite, Ryan’s real-life stories of overwhelming obstacles and public humiliation are so deftly delivered that you almost can’t believe he has lived through them.

Ryan’s appeal is his ability to take an everyday incident, dress it in several layers of self-deprecating charm, and let it buzz off like a child’s tightly wound toy.

It’s difficult to find fault with his style, but if you’re not paying close attention you run the risk of missing a few clever comments as he packs so much into a rapid-fire exchange when telling a tale.

Ryan is a force of comedic talent and frenzy. This may be a show about dreams, but it’s impossible to fall asleep in his presence. You will be wired and laughing inappropriately hours later as you recall hilarious anecdotes from his repertoire. Catch Liam Ryan now, while you can.

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Laura Keenan

By day, Laura is a wrangler of two small humans who like sticks, chocolate, and farts. After hours, she writes stories and edits book manuscripts. FRINGE WORLD is Laura’s adult lolly shop—an endless, colourful variety of treats for which there’s not enough time or money to try them all.

Ticket Price $13 - $25

End Date 25 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $13 - $25
  • End Date 25 Feb 2018
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