Fringefeed | 09 Feb 2020

2020 “Greek Comedian of The Year”

George Zacharopoulos, the self-titled “2020 Greek Comedian of the Year”, is hilariously funny and a must-see at this year’s FRINGE WORLD Festival.

Delivered in a frenetic pace with his thick unique Greek/Newcastle accent, Zacharopoulos shares intimate stories from his upbringing in Kalamata, Greece, and his experiences living in Newcastle, England.

Although, this show is not just for the Greek’s, all ethnic backgrounds can enjoy Zacharopoulos talking about everything from border security to circumcision and his distaste for dishwasher technicians.

Not for the prudish, Zacharopoulos takes the audience through some of his sexual and drug-related adventures; the time he joined a Swingers club to celebrate the success of his show, or trying ecstasy for the first time in a bid to spice up his life – and because he thought it might be a good idea ‘creatively’.

Zacharopoulos’ material has depth and the humour was witty and perceptive; this combined with his warm, relaxed demeanour on stage, made for a comfortable and hilarious night out.

Come and see why George Zacharopoulos is indeed, the 2020 Greek Comedian of the Year.

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Hayley is a marketer, blogger, writer and Fringe binger. When she is not reviewing awesome shows, you can find her gallivanting around the world, playing in the great outdoors or curled up with a good book and a glass of vino.

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