Fringefeed | 17 Feb 2018

A Different Class

We were packed tightly in to the laneway, and if you were on the edge where the tarp roof ended before it reached the next building (like I was) you were the first to know it was raining.

Aside from having one wet leg and one wet arm the night proved to be good fun.

It was filled with raucous laughter and only a few spilled drinks – but what’s a little more liquid on you when you have $10 entertainment?

That’s right, this show is on the bargain list for Fringe with tickets only costing a mere tenner, and combine that with the talented boisterous Scotsman and Leederville local, it’s no wonder it’s a frequently sold out event.

A Different Class can boast it’s first time Fringe success to punters and it definitely deserves the praise.

We were treated to a laid-back style comedy routine, loosely surrounding politics, worldviews and growing up in different environments.

From Grant Mushet came the more risqué jokes, packed in between longer and unbelievable anecdotes. Clever punchlines were delivered as a reward and they in turn were received with uproarious enjoyment.

We joyfully appreciated his candid opinions of our suburbs and lifestyle and were only little lost when we got more than we bargained for upon agreeing to the ‘darker stuff’.

For the second half were the relatable observations and hilariously narcissistic persona of Nic Monisse.

His ability to engage the crowd and playfully spout joke after joke, oftentimes at the expense of his first row, was a clear example of his quick wit and experience on the stage.

I know it’s customary to base warm up jokes on where people are from but to be asked several times by 2 different people within the space of an hour felt like overkill. Perhaps watching just the first 5 minutes of each other’s set could remedy this repetitiveness.

These comedians know how to work a crowd and are being commended nationwide for their skills.

Check out their show if you don’t want to miss out on their show before these guys make it big and their tickets are in the hundreds.

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Ticket Price $5 - $10

End Date 24 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $5 - $10
  • End Date 24 Feb 2018
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