Fringefeed | 17 Feb 2018

DIVAS – All Male Revue

It’s not often you’re lining up outside of Connections Nightclub when it’s still daylight.

It’s also a rare sight to see a group of young teenage girls and their guardians getting ID’d before heading up into the main room of the iconic venue to see the fabulousness of DIVAS – All Male Revue.

It’s a show for anybody who has ever danced like nobody was watching, but secretly wished someone was.

Utilising a showcase format, presenter DJ Feminem – who was the doppelgänger Adele brought up on stage at Domain last year – is magnetic and an absolute riot.

Her delivery and banter was more on point than her eye-popping costumes and wigs which had me quietly sinking into an existential crisis over my own lack of style.

Billed as “impersonations like you’ve never seen before”, may be a stretch but the performers are nonetheless amazing, throwing themselves into each song with such gusto that seeing the real thing may pale in comparison.

The DIVAS lineup apparently does change but you’ll entranced by Lady Gaga, Dusty Springfield, ABBA, Madonna (of course) and an uproarious Liza Minnelli.

It’s a savvy decision to offer something that will appeal to everyone, and it was no surprise that even before the halfway mark many in the audience were singing along and testing out the integrity of the plastic chairs and they rocked back and forth.

There were however some spectacular standouts; Amanda Love’s Tina Turner sparkled brighter than the disco balls she performed under, and earlier she had brought out a very funny Aretha Franklin to offset Donna Kebab’s fierce Annie Lennox in Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves.

Lastly Feminem’s wild Dame Edna was an explosion of colourful Aussie flamboyance not seen since the opening ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Returning after a sold out run last year, this year’s run at FRINGE WORLD looks to do the same and it’s easy to see why. Laughter, joy and a celebration of brilliant female performers makes this WA homegrown revue a must-see.

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Melanie Griffiths

Melanie is often found left of stage, earplugs in, and notes out at live concerts and events. A music writer and reviewer who writes for several publications, she brings her passion for music, the arts and Perth to the FRINGE WORLD team.

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End Date 26 Jan 2019

  • Ticket Price 30 -
  • End Date 26 Jan 2019
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