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##AA Absurdly Asian

Jinx Yeo doesn’t look like your typical comedian. He is skinny and nerdy looking and doesn’t look like the type who would be comfortable on a stage.

When we arrived at the Games Sports Bar he was the only person working to set up his show. When the doors opened and we were let inside to sit down, he was setting up his own lights. He even did his own introduction. Any doubts I had about Yeo went away the moment he began his show Absurdly Asian.

Yeo was a delight. The first thing you will notice about him is that he is missing his two front teeth. Yeo opens his show with the story about how he lost them.

He tells us how he noticed not long afterward that some people can’t help but to stare at where his teeth were supposed to be. He also raised a surprising downside: you need front teeth to be able to whistle.

The best parts of Yeo’s act was when he made observations about being Asian.

Like when he talked about “snowflakes”. Yeo called snowflakes “sensitive and white” and talked about his friend who he would describe as a snowflake.

This friend always wants Yeo to feel offended when people ask him where he is from or compliment him on his English, but Yeo himself isn’t bothered.

He also talked about what life is like in Singapore, like how they legalised protesting but only in one spot.

“In Singapore, you need permission to have a dream,” he told us all.

Jinx Yeo came across as extremely relatable, and his observations about relationships, racism and life in Singapore were hilarious.

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Ticket Price $10.50 - $29

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  • Ticket Price $10.50 - $29
  • End Date 17 Feb 2019
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