Fringefeed | 16 Feb 2018

Josh Glanc: Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chamedian

This is a review from the 2018 season. This show is returning in 2019.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when seeing the poster for this show, so imagine my surprise to see Glanc perfectly pulling off 70s summer BBQ attire (Hawaiian shirt and stubbies), complete with the fabulous moustache.

Starting the show off with a bang, Glanc started an air band – selecting members of the audience one at a time to put together the ultimate boy band to open the performance, complete with an MC who called him out on the lack of female band members (which Glanc reacted to very well, I will admit), and then proceeded to argue with him about the origin of his surname.

Glanc really was a chameleon in this performance, taking on multiple personas – whether a cyclist, a mime or Wil Anderson – and kept us laughing at each different one.

Switching between characters, he perfected the awkward scene and costume change, managing to link the different scenes together in order so that each subsequent costume change resulted in less and less clothing being worn each time until he was left only in his underwear.

When he was himself, Glanc entertained us with a situation we all know so well, when we’re put on the spot and can’t manage to get our words out.

Standing awkwardly on the stage, struggling to think of something to say, everyone laughing at the schadenfreude.

No one Glanc show will be the same as another, and you can keep coming back for a new performance each time.

Glanc’s unique style of stand-up comedy kept the audience entertained and in stitches throughout the entire show. A great choice for anyone who enjoys impressions or being serenaded by a hairy moustached man in his underwear.

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Ticket Price $28 - $32

End Date 05 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $28 - $32
  • End Date 05 Feb 2019
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LOVED THIS SHOW and everything else that Josh does!

Reviewed by Mel J. 2019