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Movin’ Melvin Brown: Chuck Berry Lives

Bring your dancing shoes because this isn’t a show where you’ll just want to sit sedately and tap your foot along. Movin’ Melvin Brown the distinguished performer from Ohio presents Chuck Berry Lives! A show filled with memories and admiration for arguably the true King of Rock n’ Roll.

Movin’ Melvin Brown is one of the old guards of show business, having appeared with the likes of James Brown, BB King and Stevie Wonder – and with his Chuck Berry show you’ll be reminded of Berry’s vital influence on the sound of rock n’ roll.

Movin’ Melvin doesn’t imitate the legendary Berry but regales with stories about the one-of-a-kind rock star, whilst singing Berry’s songs and his own compositions.

Backed also by an abled band they take us on a musical journey through a different era within the old world setting of Perth’s Town Hall.

If you like real Rhythm and Blues you’ll find something to like in this show. With a number of hits being played like Sweet Little Sixteen, Johnny Be Good and You Never Can Tell the music is fun, infectious and rather tongue-in-cheek .

Throughout the show Movin’ Melvin sings and goes from a soft shoe shuffle to some astonishing tap dancing, so it was no surprise that a number of people got up to dance through the one hour show – something which Brown happily encourages.

With that in mind this show would benefit from smaller intimate venue as the hall felt a little cavernous with the sound becoming muddy at times, especially when Movin’ Melvin was addressing the audience.

In addition, having some other dancers there would also really get that ‘dance hall’ mood going. Because this is what the show is – a dance hall celebration of music, and old school entertainment.

You don’t encounter many performers like Movin’ Melvin, who is an impressive performer with loads of charisma and who’s far more nimble than most of us would probably be at 72.

So if you want to be reminded of rock n’ roll’s electrifying roots this show deserves your attention.

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Ticket Price $35 - $40

End Date 16 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $35 - $40
  • End Date 16 Feb 2019
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