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$15 Comedy Bonanza

You better start by leaving your kids at home for this. $15 Comedy Bonanza spans 60 minutes with four disparate comedians fighting it out to give you bang for your buck.

Often the humour is crude, offensive and distasteful—it’s not the show for those with thin skin.

If you’re okay with this then you’ll definitely get your money’s worth in laughs, and potentially even shed a tear as four very different comedians take the stage and give you a taste of what a full show of theirs may be like.

On opening night at The Game Sports Bar Space in Northbridge, British comedian Christian Elderfield jumped from the blocks with a crowd engaging and hilarious exploration of Brits on Australia day.

Elderfield’s witty nature had everyone in stitches as he continued to define the offensive nature of a certain swear word in the UK, versus its endearing everyday use in Australia.

Elderfield was a hard act to follow, and LJ DA FUNK brought his unique American alter-ego to the mic, but his ‘retrospective’ humour often at times fell short with the crowd.

In the third act, ‘globetrotting comedian’ Straun Logan took to the stage and taught the crowd how consuming only Dominos pizzas was the key to economic survival on a working visa in Australia. Straun’s comical venn diagrams were the perfect ‘pizza’ topper to his crowd pleasing skit.

Whilst all comedians are distinctively different in style, none were safe when comedian John Robertson took to the mic.

Whether you were a teenager or a fully grown man, people were left to nurse their insecurities as Robertson certainly made sure the joke was on you. Although daring and different, Robertson was also clever and hilarious in all of his time on stage.

The $15 Comedy Bonanza is a great way to start a night on the light side.

It offers a variety of crowd engaging comedians, some of whom may get it wrong—but most will have you chuckling well before they’ve even opened their mouths.

The $15 Comedy Bonanza is running until the 25th of February.

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Niamh Guy

Niamh Guy is a twenty-two year old female who passionate about Perth’s art and comedy scene. She is currently completing a Masters in Journalism, and lives with three adorable pooches who love Perth’s sun as much as she does.

Ticket Price $15 - $15

End Date 15 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $15 - $15
  • End Date 15 Feb 2018
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