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You’re Welcome

She’s part of the new generation, where compliments are not received by blushing faces and timid bows from petite young debutantes, instead they represent the service we do others when we dress up. If that doesn’t make sense, you haven’t experienced Nicola Macri’s show.

The jokes veer a little on the long side and boil down to a clever pun or a witty comment on society’s instability, and predominately it’s worth the wait.

Fringe welcomes amateur comedians and that’s exactly what Macri is at the moment, but she has the potential – schoolteacher cliché ahead – to be more, to be a ‘big name’.

Similar to the rest of her show, the aerobic routine is full of energy and offended comments that unfortunately were a little lost in the music but still amusing.

The ‘matinee’ was an additional show and clearly earned as the audience filled out most of the front half of the seating and spilled over into the back few rows.

It comprised of friends and family and acted as a bridge between her personal life and professional, especially evident when we were introduced to her mother – the winner of the quiz.

Macri is local, fun, and as unique as they come. She has melded into the framework of comedy with personality and an interesting take on traditional stand up.

She brings props and comical mumbles to a stage that sees more self-deprecation than her brand of self-confidence and I for one am in favour of this change.

Her show is littered with helpful hints for life in general and tolerance specifically. As she educates her audience, she is providing the service of humour combined with how not to be a crappy human being.

You’re Welcome is light hearted and a bit of fun, it doesn’t delve too deeply into serious topics or err on the erotic so you’re safe to enjoy it with any of your friends.

What stood out most for me was the mega-watt smile plastered upon the face of her father for the entirety of the 45 minutes.

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