Fringefeed | 10 Feb 2018

For Love or Money

The Ginger and Tonic ladies, an all female a cappella group, have returned to FRINGE WORLD to serenade you with their tales of being unlucky in love and making it big in business (or at least trying to).

Through original songs and parody covers, the ladies pitch their business empire ideas to each other and the audience, with a tune or two about their love lives along the way.

For a start, hats off to the quartet for their vocal prowess and top notch a cappella skills – singing with zero musical backing is no easy feat.

Each with a distinctly unique vocal style and and range, the ladies seamlessly shift between backing/instrumental vocals and solo verses, combined with choreography and comedic prop use to create a seriously impressive chorus of voice and dance.

The original songs are witty and lyrically slick, and the parodies are amusing and playful. Although the plot is a bit of a rollercoaster and seemingly fitted around the songs rather than vice versa, the show is still a delight to the senses.

The ladies even made the risky move of including an audience member for an entire dance sequence, who to my surprise, genuinely put on a good show.

Some moments of dialogue fell flat or felt a touch forced, but overall, the energy of the musical numbers and the larger than life characterisation by the performers kept the show engaging and enthralling.

With only four voices in their arsenal, Ginger and Tonic create the aural illusion of a mass choir, while highlighting their individual vocal talents from belting to rapping.

Bouncing from one ridiculous business plan to the next, the ladies combine unique storytelling, pitch perfect vocal skills and whacky humour to create a sensational show that will keep you bemused and chuckling until the very end.

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Natasha Cobby

I’m a huge Fringe time fan, and when I’m not watching copious amounts of film you’ll find me planning my next travel adventure. After graduating university at the beginning of this year, I’ve ventured into social media and marketing, and I’m excited to see which field I’ll explore next.

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