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L’Amour Du Jazz – Jazz, Love & Paris In The 30s With Cathrine Summers

In this fresh season of love, who better to spend it with than the beautiful Cathrine Summers, once again captivating audiences with her charm, wit and adoration for all things Parisian.

L’Amour Du Jazz is an absolute treat.

Nestled in the heart of Northbridge, Summers whisks audiences away with her tales of 1930’s Paris coupled with a set of new delights, crowd favourites, and a surprise addition of glitz and glam.

Summers’ regular five-piece band gained an extra two players, truly demonstrating the virtuosity of the group’s repertoire.

Personally, there is no sound more reminiscent of Paris to me than an accordion, which was a real treat to see included in the set.

Each member is an integral part of the set, baffling audiences with their solos and harmonic union.

Not only will you be entertained, but you may learn a thing or two are Summers’ love for music history will tantalise your curiosity for the people behind the classic hits we know and love.

I can safely say that this is the most fun you will ever have at a jazz show.

Cathrine Summers has certainly made a name for herself within the Australian jazz community and will undoubtedly be one to watch out for.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the luxury and grandiosity of 1930’s Paris without breaking the bank or the laws of space and time.

What could be more romantic than Paris, jazz, red white and good company? Spoil your significant other and indulge in the Summers of Love!

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Ticket Price $39.50

End Date 17 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $39.50
  • End Date 17 Feb 2018
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