Fringefeed | 06 Jan 2020


Where can you pick up some fun facts and tantalising trivia while having heaps of fun other than FRINGE WORLD? This Festival really has everything!

You will be so enthralled in these edu-taining shows that you won’t even know you learned something about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

For the whole Family

Expand the ankle-biters minds at The Woodside Pleasure Garden with Science Magic where comedian and scientist Donal Vaughan uses household items to demonstrate the magic of science or step back in time with PreHysterical, a hilarious tongue in cheek circus show following three foolish Neanderthals.

There is plenty of lab-related fun to be had with STEM ambassador Magnus Danger Magnus at his shows Magnus’ Explosion Laboratory and Magnus’ Explosion Laboratory 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Be dazzled by a group of naughty kids with cool stunt skills as they take over a classroom in 4some of Awesome Kids at the picturesque Sunset Veranda or take part in the FRINGE WORLD’s first VR experience with Rabbithole at Girls School.

Enjoy stacks of free STEM demonstrations as part of the Little Pleasures programming at The Woodside Pleasure Garden and even more free fun at Girls School with the carnival themed fun of the GANify: Funhouse Mirror Machine.

Something for the grown-ups

Recovered incontinent Elaine Miller discovers the science of bladders and orgasms are a lot funnier than you thought in Gusset Grippers and over at the Ice Cream Factory Robyn Perkins explores the science of love, morality and dating today in Mating Selection.

Beekeeper Alanta Colley tells her stinging tale about bees, wasps, heat, death and friendship in her science comedy Days of Our Hives while Chris Martin has his own tales and personal experiences with the link between people and a popular arcade game in Claw Machine.

Get cosy with your significant other on Valentine’s Day at Dome Date Night at the Scitech Planetarium or at Perth Mess Hall check out The Uncertainty Principle, a comedy-edutainment experience that covers fascinating concepts and explores politics and culture through the lens of science.


Cover image: Photo by Hannah Sorrell