Fringefeed | 10 Jan 2019

Delve Into Cultural Diversity at FRINGE WORLD

Not only does FRINGE WORLD feature the best artists from Western Australian and across the country, this amazing Festival draws incredible talent from all corners of the globe!

Adding a diverse, multicultural flavour to the 2019 program, we can’t wait to see these shows by international artists offering a different voice and perspective.

1. Puppet Guy

Conrad Koch is a double international Emmy award nominee from South Africa, who has been entertaining comedy club and TV audiences with his hilarious ventriloquism.

With his sharp observations and political satire, Koch is one to watch. His most famous puppet Chester Missing is famous for interviewing politicians and is the only puppet in history to win a court case. Not even kidding!

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2. The Fabulous Kumar Show

Perth people get the chance to catch Malaysian superstar and stand up comedian Kumar up close and personal for the first time during his FRINGE WORLD debut this year.

We believe Kumar’s, charming personality, intoxicating cocktail of eloquent gestures, slapstick humour and astonishing grasp of everyday affairs will be a Festival hit, with audiences.

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3. Scotland!

This one is sure to be a wild and wacky ride! Strap in for an hour of rhythm, body percussion, singing, stomping, clowning and the spirit of Scotland!

This is one of those high energy, three-man physical comedy shows that is sure to leave a lasting impression long after the Festival has ended.

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4. The Colour of Earth

Malaysia born photographer Tasha Faye unveils her series of raw and reflective photos that explores the distinct identities of women of colour in WA and their experiences.

Discover what it means to exist in this world as a woman and non-white and celebrate our differences and growth in a world that threatens to stem it.

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5. A Westerners Guide to the Opium Wars

Go back in time with Tabitha Woo as she explores her family tree. Tabitha was born in Australia, but her Dad wasn’t. She journeys back to the early 19th century and the First Opium War.

This is no episode of Who Do You Think You Are – this has a sock puppet, Queen Victoria and a couple of Broadway showtunes, as Tabitha tries to understand her cultural heritage.

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6. Laser Kiwi

No prizes for guessing where this mischievous crew comes from. Anyone keen for some laugh out loud comedy should secure tickets to Laser Kiwi as soon as possible.

Combining high-calibre circus with unforgettable physical and sketch comedy, this is full to the brim with innovation in which you won’t guess what’s coming next!

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7. Cirque Africa

A FRINGE WORLD one of a kind circus treat with a delicious cultural twist – Cirque Africa is 100% African, 100% energy and 100% fun. There are so many rave reviews – this is one to catch!

Brimming with vibrancy, this highly entertaining blockbuster transports audiences to the positive side of Africa, in this unforgettable cultural experience making its debut in Perth.

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7. Talofa Papa

Head to the theatre for this award-winning show that has impressed critics and audiences back in New Zealand. It is the first time Talofa Papa comes to Perth!

This family-friendly journey is full of fun, laughter and a naughty fala. It is a communal experience that reminds us to slow down and breathe in the rich idea of family.


Cover image: Photo of Laser Kiwi. Photo by John Marshall.