Fringefeed | 15 Jan 2019

Belt Out Belly Laughs At LOLs @ Lazys

There are so many good things about LOLs @ Lazy’s that we barely know where to start. No wait, we do, it’s the ‘LOLs’ bit!

Everybody loves a good laugh and that’s exactly what it’s all about at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den. They do comedy right. 26 acts, 106 shows, countless LOLs.

Here are our top 5 reasons that your night out at Lazy’s will be a winner:

1. Funky little venue

Lazy Susan’s is Perth’s favourite independent comedy theatre. It’s cool, cosy and built for comedy. Located upstairs above the Brisbane Hotel, we’re a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered!

2. Laugh every night

They are comedy central for FRINGE WORLD, with shows every night (and some days) from 18 January until 17 February. Clowning, stand-up, sketch, theatre, improv, cabaret, storytelling… and some truly absurd combinations of the lot.

3. Lazy night out

They have got the comedy covered and the Brisbane Hotel has the tasties taken care of. Grab a delicious meal downstairs, add a glass of your favourite tipple and come on up for a hilarious evening of shows. All you need in the one stress-free spot!

4. Comedy is good for you

Science tells us that laughing reduces the risk of serious illness and is also a known aphrodisiac. We can’t officially tell you that LOLs @ Lazy’s will make you live longer and your love linger, but who’s going to argue with science?

5. Pro improv

Done right, and often, and also for kids! Lazy Susan’s is home to Perth’s A-team of improv and you can catch long-running The Big HOO-HAA! at 8:30pm every Saturday, late night Dirty HOO-HAA! at 9:45pm and squeaky clean, family-friendly The Little HOO-HAA! at 1pm every Saturday and Sunday during FRINGE WORLD.


Cover image: Photo by Michelle Ranson.