Fringefeed | 14 Dec 2018

Shows with WOW factor

People come to FRINGE WORLD to be surprised, shocked, awed and wowed – and it looks like the 2019 Festival will deliver that in spades!

Here are some jaw-dropping shows that will leave you gasping, squirming, dazzled and wondering what it was you just witnessed and baffled that it was humanly possible.

1. El Bizarro: Glamour! Danger! Freaks!

This one is sure to get you out of your comfort zone – people have fainted and thrown up during past performances! We are warned it is not for the faint hearted, queasy or prudish but that makes us want to see it more!

We are here for the rollercoaster ride of sideshow, cabaret and variety marvels. And hey if it churns our stomach, that’s a risk we’re willing to take.

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2. Fatale

Brisbane burlesque queen and international sideshow showgirl Jacqueline Furey will have you on the edge of your seat as she performs life threatening feats with her signature elegance and sass.

You’ll be tantalised and terrorised in equal measure if you dare to peep at this spectacle of fire eating, whip cracking and sword swallowing!

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A young, fresh group of circus artists have fused high-level contemporary circus with modern pop culture for a high-energy show. Inspired by a hip-hop and rap soundtrack, this is going to be lit!

Tight choreography that will impress and delivered with explosive energy, PHAT CAB CLUB is this year’s hottest late-night destination.

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4. Aurora Galore and the Glamorous Weirdos

You will definitely feel the heat with fire performer Aurora Galore and her band of misfits, the Glamorous Weirdos performing more dangerous acts that are set to unsettle.

This show focuses on the journey that quirky award-winner Aurora has taken over the last 2 years into madness and back, and how we can fight to love who we are through art.

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5. A Midnight Visit

Flirt with the surreal and absurd with this immersive dream world experience that is part choose-your-own-adventure, part film-set, part playground. You won’t find anything even remotely like this in Perth.

The incredible 34-room performance space offers something new to discover with each visit, so you will be wowed all over again every time you go. We recommend multiple visits!

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6. Blanc de Blanc

If you saw Blanc de Blanc when they last visited Perth, this is an amazing opportunity to see them again and rediscover a class act. If you didn’t, what are you waiting for?

Enjoy an evening of breathless abandon where the sensual and salacious combine with the finest cabaret and acrobatic talent deliver high-end spectacle and titillating acts to infatuate and delight.

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Cover image: photo of  Fatale. Photo by Caitlin Boland.