Fringefeed | 16 Nov 2018

New & Returning Hubs and Venues

Since the full FRINGE WORLD 2019 program dropped on 15 November, we have been doing our happy dance because the program is truly epic.

There are going to be so many great new hubs and venues popping up in places we would have never predicted – Fringe is always full of surprises like that!

With the addition of Yagan Square and its five venues this Festival, the FRINGE WORLD hub count now hits four – which means even more venues to get your Fringe on!

Here’s some of the spaces we’re excited to check out in 2019, including some new and familiar faces.

1. A bumper program at The Woodside Pleasure Garden

Fringe’s coolest hang out spot for all ages where boredom is banned, The Woodside Pleasure Garden, is back with a whole bunch of awesome shows and free treats across 11 venues.

The vibe here is all about good times outdoors under the shady trees, and awesome entertainment in the two Spiegeltents and circus tents.

The ticketed line up of shows is like a mixed bag of all your favourite treats, guaranteeing you’ll find something to see with your mates, your sweetheart and also a bigger-than-ever-before program of entertainment for the kids.

If you just want to soak up the vibe and have some free entertainment, The Woodside Pleasure Garden has also got you covered with the enchanting FRINGE WORLD MERMAIDS and the family-focused Little Pleasures plus busker entertainment nightly

With a huge range of bevvie and eats options under shady trees and in parkland surrounds, this laid-back space is where we like to visit time and again each Fringe.

And it is free to get in every night. Sweet!

2. Fire and ice

Leave your inhibitions at the door of the adults only zone The Ice Cream Factory, FRINGE WORLD edition. The only pre-requisite for entry is a thirst for saucy entertainment that will make you gasp and blush.
The high-risk entertainment of crazy stunts in Fuego Carnal will make its debut in the custom-built Empyrean alongside its neighbour LA SOIREE 2019 which returns to get us blushing again for another sensually cheeky season.

3. Fringe by the ocean and beyond

Fringe is not just restricted to the City and Northbridge – Fringe stretches beyond the main hubs and out into the bustling ‘burbs.

Scarborough’s Sunset Veranda, Leederville’s Leedy-Palooza, Midland’s Pickled Swan, Subi-Licious in Subiaco, and a range of Fremantle venues get back in on the Fringe action in 2019 to bring some entertainment closer to home.

The hugely popular Inglewood’s Monday Night Markets will also get Fringe-y for the first time with Fr’Inglewood free variety shows.

And that is only a fraction of the Fringe action lined up but we can’t wait to get stuck into it!