A Midnight Visit

Fringefeed | 31 Dec 2018

How To Scare Up Some Frightful Fun

Halloween may be several months away, but there are some frightfully great FRINGE WORLD shows to get you in the mood for a heap of creepy fun.

They say there is safety in numbers so grab a group of your pals and head along to one or more of these shows for a shockingly good night out.

1. A Midnight Visit

The iconic and historic Girls School in East Perth undergoes a transformation for this unique, cool and unpredictable experience that will leave you in a dream-like state of awe and fascination.

Audiences get to flirt with the surreal and explore a dream world inspired by Edgar Allan Poe mixed with David Lynch vibes as they get unprecedented access to the institution’s corridors and rooms.

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2. The Ghosts of Fremantle

This popular spook-fest sold out in 2017 and is back for more fun in 2019! Join in for a hauntingly good time of original horror music and soundscapes performed live alongside compelling imagery.

See some of WA’s most haunted buildings brought to life through emotive tunes, eerie sound effects and imaginative ghost portraits. Come along, if you dare!

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3. Worship

Buckle in and explore the dark corners of idolisation and the blinding lights of self-adoration in an experience which will knock you to your knees. Worship makes its evocative debut at FRINGE WORLD in 2019.

There is plenty of local talent behind this surreal show that delves into the positive and negative aspects of worshipping though a mesmerising fusion of cabaret and performance art.

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4. Rest

This is a unique opportunity to explore a heritage listed site after dark! Rest is an immersive theatre experience at East Perth Cemeteries, which leads you through stories hidden in the graveyards.

Brought to life by the award-winning WA Youth Theatre Company team, Rest is sure to send a bit of shiver up the spine of even the toughest Fringe-goers.

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5. Equinox

Fall under the spell of UK drag superstar Velma Celli during her most magical show yet. Have your spine tingled down in her lair during the witching hour.

This diva will be unleashed in Perth and celebrating all her favourite bitching witches from Ursula to Elphaba and every enchantress from the coven in between.

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Cover image: photo of A Midnight Visit. Photo by Anna Kucera.