Fringefeed | 28 Dec 2018

Head Outdoors For Awesome FRINGE WORLD Fun

FRINGE WORLD during summer is the best time of the year in Perth. The sun is out, everyone is having fun and the vibe is so infectious. No one wants to be stuck inside the entire time!

We picked a bunch of shows that allow you get out of the house with mates and family and into the sunshine to enjoy the summer days while catching an awesome show.

1. Playground

Bring your sunnies because you will have to look up for this one! This is a 45-minute spectacle of artist Miguel Rubio and his 6-metre-high Chinese pole at the Forrest Place stage and FRINGE Central at The Perth Cultural Centre.

Come and witness something special with a show by an award-winning artist that mixes the comical and the absurd and is sure to leave you in awe.

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2. 100% Paccottiglia

How about a circus with a clever twist? 100% Paccottiglia (Italian for junk) is a clown-esque show that parodies the circus world thanks to two authentic scoundrels Frank Duro and Gustavo Leumann.

Head to FRINGE Central at the Perth cultural Centre and The Woodside Pleasure Garden for plenty of clowning around, slapstick, visual comedy and physical theatre with these two that have had audiences doubled over with the giggle fits.

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3. Absurdly Yours

There is nothing scary about this family-friendly hunchback. Dado has travelled the world and is heading to Doorway Cabaret at Yagan Square to thrill the masses with his hypnotic hunchback antics.

There will be an array of original props and physical comedy, improvisational mayhem and an incredible assortment of unusual instruments of eccentricity that busts through language and cultural barriers.

Free Event

4. Boogie Shoes Silent Disco Walking Tours With a Scottish Twist

The name doesn’t leave much to the imagination – we know what will be in for and we are super excited! This is a different way to see Perth as a tourist in your own city!

Get those toes tapping and those hips shaking with this immersive dance-walk through Northbridge, Scarborough and Subiaco. Don’t forget a drink, comfy shoes and your best dance moves!

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5. Fringe Fridays and Fringe Sundays

Get your fix of free FRINGE WORLD awesomeness on weekends in the city with Fringe Fridays and Fringe Sundays. World renowned buskers will entertain and delight from the Forrest Place stage at the Twilight Hawkers Markets on Fridays.

On Sunday evenings, head to the Meeting Place amphitheatre at Yagan Square where you can settle in with mates and the fam to get a tasty teaser of a range of shows from the program.

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Cover image: photo of Buskers Weekender. Photo by Wade Ranson.