Fringefeed | 07 Dec 2018

7 Great Boredom Busters for Kids

Boasting a two-week crossover with school holidays, the FRINGE WORLD 2019 kids’ program is epic – there are more boredom busting shows and events than we have ever seen before!

The Woodside Pleasure Garden hosts most the family friendly action, but there is plenty going on for families in all corners of Fringe – here are some shows to keep the ankle-biters entertained and parents sane this summer.

1. Trash Test Dummies

Triple the circus performers must mean triple the fun right? It looks like it with Jamie Bretman, Jack Coleman and Simon Wright who make up Trash Test Dummies.

The hilarious trio’s new water-themed, action-filled adventure which blends circus, comedy and imagination is set to be one of the “coolest” shows this Fringe.

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2. Mr Gorski

The ankle biters may get a little star struck with this one. Television star Daniel Gorski, who appeared as Jango on ABC kids Hoopla Doopla, brings his clever circus act to Perth.

Kids are sure to be dazzled by the plate spinning, juggling, miming, slapstick and more. Be prepared to giggle, gasp, and be dangerously entertained.

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3. Children Are Stinky

The ticket sales say it all! After completely selling out at FRINGE WORLD 2018, Children Are Stinky (we can’t stop giggling at that title) are back.

Expect high calibre circus, a rocking soundtrack and genuine belly laughs which left adults and children with their jaws on the floor hooting for more. We suggest getting tickets quick to this one!

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4. Science Magic

You won’t get this in any classroom. Mixing science with comedy, Irish comedian/scientist Donal Vaughan promises to give us a laugh while we learn (just don’t tell the kids its educational!).

Using items you can find around the house, he will perform amazing tricks to show how magical science can be. One highlight is a potato rocket launcher!

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5. The GREATEST Magic Show

Introduce your kids to some magic with The GREATEST Magic Show – you can’t go wrong! Incredible illusions, strait jackets escapes, a bucket of slime, and a levitating audience member.

The magic can continue after the show with every child receiving a free magic wand to take home!

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6. Troll

Give the youngsters a taste of theatre these school holidays with this show from Trick of the Light Theatre.

Combining storytelling, music, and puppetry into an uncanny tale from the twitchy edges of the digital age, this is recommended for ages 12 and above.

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7. Fartlab3 ‘Following Through’

Now there’s an attention-grabbing title! Frank Hampster returns to Perth Fringe with the third instalment in the FartLab family fun series.

We think people of all ages are going to get a cheeky giggle out of this one with Professor Frank delivering the latest flatulence research results from Oxfart University. Yay science!

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Cover image photo by Hannah Kalmes.